How to get direct referrals (part 2)

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How to get direct referrals (part 1)

Social networking sites:
This is maybe the easiest way to get referral. Get your referral link and post it to facebook, twitter, MySpace google plus etc site. It is easy process and anyone can do it.
But you can’t get much referrals from this

First you must get to know with many people who are looking for income opportunity. You can search with this keywords PTC, referrals, paid to click, get a home income ETC keyword. Thus you will come to know many groups. Join some of them, spend some day with them. Get acquainted with them. Then post the link on groups or message some of your friends.

You must check and double check that what you are posting is not a fake site. Be sure it is legit and then post. If you continue to post unwanted and scam sites people will not take a look to your site anymore.

You must not disturb anyone. If you send messages to others do not send more than one messages. 

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