How to get direct referrals (part 4)

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Traffic exchange:
Traffic exchange program is the better than other way to build your downline. It is strongly recommended.

In a traffic exchange sites you visit (or surf) websites for credit. You can surf unlimited sites a day. Then you can use this credits to promote your own websites (PTC referrals links).

What is a surf ratio?
While working on traffic exchange sites you will get this “surf ratio” staffs often. This is a ratio of your visit and visit to your promoted sites.      
Ratio is 1:1 means if you visit one site another one visitor will visit your site.                                                                                                     
Ratio is 2:1 that means if you visit two sites you will get one visitors to your promoted sites

How this will gain referrals?
Traffic Exchange is definitely a good way to bring in referrals and you can definitely get referrals.
Why people don’t get referrals from traffic exchange is simply because they give up before the magic happens. Traffic Exchange is a good place to get referrals because users of Traffic Exchanges are interested in earning money. JUST BE ACTIVE AND SEE THE MAGIC.

What traffic exchange site should I join?
Well. By searching google you can find crores of traffic exchange website. But all of them are not so good. Do not join random sites. You will get the name of easyhits4u, traffic swarm, traffic splash, wordlinx , freehitxchange , trafficG etc. But after using many of these I found only 3 of this site which are really good and offer good ratio.

Linkreferral is not an usual traffic exchange website. It has some rules different from the rest of the traffic exchange websites.
While on other traffic exchange websites you have to view promoted sites by other people for a certain amount of time to earn credits and get your promoted site visited, at linkreferral the things are a bit different.

In link referral every site is viewed by authentic members. Members have to review others site. This reviews are being checked manually so you can be sure that your site is visited and checked very attentively.

All these things can’t take you more than 20 minutes and as the time goes by you’ll do it even faster. With the help of this traffic exchange you can easily gather 10-20 referrals in a month.

Click on the banner below to join linkreferral now:

free web site traffic and promotion

TrafficG is a great site. It is a good site to get traffic. It is free. And as a free member you will get the advantages below

*Better than 1:1 Hit Exchange                                                               *Promote Unlimited Sites
*Manual 20 second surfing
*48 Hour unique hits
*5 level reward program
*Geo Targeting of your ads
*23 Languages Supported
*Access to the best banner exchange on the internet
*Promote Unlimited Banners
*Free Listing in the TrafficG directory
*Your own special promotions page
*100% Free to Join
*100% Free to Use
If you don’t have enough time to visit sites you can get 500 visitors only for $7, and 1000 visitors for $13
Join now by clicking the banner below.

Freehitxchange has a unique offer. It does not only send traffic to your referral link but also pays a small $0.30 per 1000 visit.

*1:1 Surf Ratio
*Manual Surfing
*20 seconds Surf Timer
*10% Cash Commissions
*5 Levels Referral Surf Credits (10%-5%-3%-2%-1%)
*Receive cash for active surfing ($0.30 for 1000 sites viewed)
*50 FREE bonus credits, 500 banner, & 500 text ad impressions
(after you surf 50 sites)
*15 Sites Allowed
*15 Banners Allowed                                                                                   *15 Text links Allowed

You can get more features by upgrading account

Join now by clicking the banner below

It is wise for you to surf using google chrome.(cause it is high speedy). You should open all sites in different tabs and surf all sites at a time.
To get google chrome
Click here for online installer
Click here for offline installer


  1. Hey guys, there is one perfect method of getting free referral traffic and you do this yourself with Google Alerts and it's not hard. Good Luck!

    1. Apparently your website is down, I wonder whether there was some interesting info on how to get direct referrals for Ojooo as I heard from my friend at Animal Sanctuary that this particular PTC is well worth attention.



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