Four Dollar Click

Four Dollar Click is a PTC site that offers a high range of clicking ($4 per click). Its webpage is well decorated by a good PHP script. But it is a matter of fact that this website is SCAM!! They don't pay.

1. Their click rate is too much high. $4 for doing almost nothing is a great dream. But it is not reality.

2. They have no forum. That means they can do anything with you. You can not even complain.

*How does this site makes its income?
It makes its income mostly by advertising. They also get money by selling golden membership.

*I am seeing payment proofs. Are they fake?
Yes. They are totally fake. They are just showing a bunch of names and amounts. But real proofs are different.  

*Required posts for you 
1. Detecting scam sites
2. Must join PTC sites


  1. hello thanks for you that posted this before buy membership at fourdollarclick. Can you give me a list of sites that i can earn money from them and they are really trusted ??


      you can visit this post

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  2. This is a good site and its free to join here is a video to watch which will explain the business a little bit

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